50 shades of embarrassing emergencies

by cheblogudo

First responders in Europe are warning the public about trying (and failing) to recreate scenes from kinky flick “50 Shades Darker,” which I’m told is the recently released sequel to “50 Shades of Gray.”  UPI reports:

The London Fire Brigade, which previously used its “50 Shades of Red” campaign to encourage bondage-curious lovers to exercise caution, said the past five years have seen $1.03 million in taxpayer funds being spent on emergency incidents stemming from sex-related predicaments.

The brigade said it had responded to at least 102 handcuff-related incidents in the past five years and at least 810 involving rings that had to be removed from various body parts.

“If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it,” the brigade suggested.

That is always good advice.