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Seen in DC: summer


Seen in DC: Safeway newsstands aren’t what they used to be

Seen in Paris: pay 3 Euros for a 0 Euro bill

I want whoever came up with this idea to manage my finances.

Because Brexit is going swimmingly.

French bureaucrats paid to do nothing for over 25 years

From The Telegraph:

A regional authority in the south of France paid some 30 civil servants to do nothing for more than 25 years, it has been revealed.

French taxpayers have been spending more than €1 million (£897,000) a year to pay full salaries to the “phantom” bureaucrats, despite at least one of them being in full-time private sector employment.

An official report by the Provence-Alps-Riviera Regional Audit Office disclosed that others benefited from automatic promotions and pay increases based on seniority or length of service.

In other breaking news: water is wet.

Cuban communists want ostrich burgers para todos

There’s nothing funny about food lines, but this Wall Street Journal article about rising tension on the streets of Cuba has some humorous bits.

HAVANA—A 91-year-old former comrade of Cuba’s late dictator Fidel Castro recently startled Cubans when he announced government plans to breed ostriches to help feed the masses.

Comandante Guillermo García raved on Cuba’s main TV news show about the giant flightless bird, “which produces more [meat] than a cow.” The comandante, who runs some of Cuba’s cattle-breeding operations, also extolled the meat of the hutia, a giant rodent endemic to the island, as better than beef.

Forget about hunger, comrade, look that way!  Government love motels!

Seen outside DC: Memorial Day weekend at Arlington National Cemetery

Woman tries to penetrate CIA HQ, asks for “agent Penis.”

Oddly enough, this happened in Virginia, not Florida.

Jennifer Hernandez, 58, claimed she had applied for a job at the agency and had an appointment with her recruiter at the complex in Langley, Virginia […]

She was first stopped by security when she attempted to walk in through the main vehicle entrance on 22 April.

When her story failed to check out, a CIA police officer told her she could be arrested for trespassing if she did not leave.

Ms. Hernandez left, but came back a few more times until the guards ran out of patience.

Ms Hernandez also requested “to speak to Agent Penis”, according to the criminal complaint […]

She was arrested and charged with a Class B misdemeanour before being transferred to Alexandria city jail.

Agent Penis is deep undercover and could not be reached for comment.  The Independent has the full story.